In today’s ever-changing technological landscape, one individual alone can’t adequately meet the IT needs of most businesses. That’s why every ComputerHABITS customer receives a dedicated team committed to helping their business succeed. We understand that you have a lot of choices when searching for an IT support firm. That’s why our team at ComputerHABITS prides itself on providing rapid response and reliable IT solutions for all of our clients. Worry Less, Practice More, with the help of ComputerHABITS business and dental technology Integration and IT solutions.

ComputerHABITS Support Team

James Levis

James Levis, CEO and Founder of ComputerHABITS, is a native of Manchester, England who came to the States in 1990. With more than 25 years of technology experience in biotech/healthcare and semi-conductor industries, he founded ComputerHABITS in 2005 with a vision to providing small businesses and their staff with responsive and personal customer service. James has obtained many technology industry certifications and is recognized as an expert with the technical skills and knowledge needed to design, implement, and support solutions with Microsoft products as well as the leading dental practice management solutions on the market today. His personable approach allows him to really get to know his clients and he considers himself as a committed part of the staff at each office he works with. James enjoys hiking, snowboarding and loves spending time out in nature with his family and his Bernese Mountain Dog, Ruby. He is a huge proponent of renewable energy and anything to do with saving our planet for future generations.

John Wong

John Wong, our Senior Network Engineer, uses his 20 + years of Information Technology experience to provide a superior level of customer service to all of our clients. John excels at adapting to changes in technology and integrating them into the ever changing customer environment. He specifically focuses on innovations in server and networking technology and learns how to integrate new technologies with existing solutions. Although he is not an Oregon native, he has embraced the pace and culture of the area. He even loves the rain! John enjoys outdoor activities and spending time with his wonderful family.

Rick Bucholz

Rick Bucholz, our Technical Manager, has spent the last 10 + years working to expand his knowledge of information technology and build high quality customer service skills. He enjoys embracing and implementing new technology as well as assisting customers with optimizing their work flow. His range of experience and unique perspective ensure that client needs are not only heard, but are met promptly. His easy going personality makes it easy for our clients to communicate with. Rick enjoys playing team sports and being outside fiddling with all sorts of things. Rick enjoys traveling with his wife and spending time with his dog.

Larry Ebstein

Larry Ebstein, our Sr. Client Services Consultant, has always known what he wanted to do in life: “Work in computers, because it is the front wave of the future.” Having dedicated his entire education to technology, Larry has been providing sound technology solutions and service for more than 2 decades, and specifically for the dental professional market for over 16 years. His ability to effectively communicate allows him to provide sound advice to dentists and office managers so that they can make informed business decisions regarding their IT. Having previously run his own IT company, he has grown with the many emerging digital technologies in the dental field which makes him one of the leading technology experts in the Pacific Northwest. Larry is also a certified Carestream NSP. He enjoys playing golf, cooking and spending time with his wife.

Julie Levis

Julie Levis, our Marketing Manager and Co-Founder, brings over 20 years of Customer Service and Marketing background to the daily operations of the business. Her positive attitude, effective communication and problem solving skills make it easy for our clients to stay informed of any administrative issues that need attention. Previously from San Diego, California where she met and married James, she moved to Oregon with her family in 1998. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends, skiing, hiking, gardening and working out.

Mike Jones

Mike Jones, our Network Operations Manager began his career 2004. He’s provided IT support for an international company with tens of thousands of employees all the way down to an office with three people. “I make sure employees can work without the IT equipment getting in the way. He has been providing Healthcare IT support since 2009, and I enjoy interacting with the folks who make sure we are healthy while fixing us when we aren’t. When he is am not making sure the bytes and bits in your network go where they need to, I enjoy volunteering with my wife in our local community to make the world a better place, and across the country when needed for disaster relief work. I’ve been roasting my own coffee since 2015.

Craig Murrell

Craig Murrell, our Helpdesk Administrator, is the newest member and customer service voice of Computer Habits. He prides himself on 20+ years of customer loyalty and having technical skills that meet client’s IT needs. In his previous position he provided IT desktop support for LAC+USC the largest hospital in Los Angeles since 2012. He recently moved to Oregon with his family to experience outdoor living, and to be more involved in Native American tribal events. If he’s not on a hike or in the gym, he’s whipping up elegant recipes to keep his wife and one-year-old daughter happy.