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  • Are you struggling to keep your computer systems functioning properly in a digital or paperless environment?
  • Do your systems freeze up at crucial times during business hours?
  • Are you finding yourself calling information technology support over and over for the same reoccurring problems?

If you’ve experienced these or other related IT issues, then you need a technology expert capable of helping maintain the heartbeat of your business. ComputerHABITS offers the best dental office IT support Portland has, providing comprehensive knowledge and expertise in helping dental and healthcare providers, as well as small business owners, stabilize, integrate, and support their complex technology infrastructure for maximum efficiency, security, and reliability.

Running a healthcare practice or small business today requires increasingly complex technology integration and support. Large companies typically have a Chief Information Officer and IT department to manage and oversee their technology investment. However, smaller organizations with limited budgets and technology resources can have a hard time competing with bigger businesses without access to the same level of IT resources. ComputerHABITS helps even the playing field by offering small and medium business the type of comprehensive health care and dental office IT Support they need to match the competition.

Our reliable technology services include:

    • Server Management – From installing operating system updates to helping improve server uptime, performance, and security, ComputerHABITS server management solutions ensure the backbone of your business remains up and running.
    • Network Management and Security – When your business network goes down, you not only lose money, you also increase your security risks. Our network management and security support services help keep your system safe and secure from outside threats.
    • IT Infrastructure Support – We focus on managing your business’ IT Infrastructure and ensuring the highest levels of availability for vital applications to function without interruption. ComputerHABITS offers customized service options to include the different infrastructure elements and levels of availability your business requires.
    • Help Desk Services – Our remote support Help Desk offers an efficient way to provide immediate assistance to our customers. Since the majority of technical problems can usually be resolved over the phone or with our remote support tools, you’ll find our Help Desk support works as the ideal solution to quickly get your systems back up and running.
    • IT Consulting – Our IT consultants help clients identify and solve critical IT consulting, business and technology issues while maintaining effective IT risk management.
    • Data Backup – Data backup is a vital activity that involves the copying of files or databases so that they will be preserved in the catastrophic case of equipment or system failure. The backing up of data should be mandatory for any size of business.
    • Disaster Recovery – Disasters are a part of life and consequently, a part of running a business. Having a plan to deal with these types of eventualities is critical. Our team can help build a comprehensive Disaster Recovery Plan with your staff and ensure redundant systems are in place to minimize the impact of these situations.
    • Business Continuity – ComputerHABITS will help you in the planning, preparing, and execution of a business continuity plan that will ensure your organization’s critical business functions will continue to operate despite any serious incidents or disasters that might occur to cause an interruption to your business.
    • Leading Practice Management Systems Support- We are experts in integrating and supporting the majority of the industry’s best practice management systems. We work with the providers on your behalf to ensure that your software and dental equipment communicate seamlessly with your computers. As one of the best dental office IT Ssupport Portland has, we excel at systems support and are proud of our skills.
    • Hardware and Software – We offer a wide range of support for the latest practice management software and business software solutions. ComputerHABITS is a Dell authorized re-seller and we support a variety of small business hardware from a number of hardware vendors in the small business space.
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