Data Security and Compliance

Data Security and Compliance

Backup & Data Recovery: Can Your Business Survive a Disaster?

How important is your business data?

No matter the size of your business, your company’s data ranks as its most invaluable asset. Just consider what you would do without your financial, customer, or patient records? How long could your business survive without access to the information you rely on every day?

Despite the importance, many business owners don’t have a contingency plan for their data. Considering the variety of possible data threats to your business—including hard drive crashes, theft, computer viruses, software corruption, natural disasters, and even human error— your unprotected data is living on borrowed time. You wouldn’t consider leaving your business’ physical assets uninsured, so why take any chance with your business’ intellectual property?

The ramifications of a major data loss can mean the end of your business. In fact, most companies that experience the misfortune of a catastrophic data loss don’t survive for more than six months.

With DataSafe Backups and Disaster Recovery (BDR), you can preserve and restore all of your files in a secure, offsite environment without a significant capital investment. ComputerHABITS will even manage the setup and the maintenance of your data backups so you can continue concentrating on your business. Datasafe Backups automatically and continuously back up files as often as you change them. Even in cases of accidental deletion, our system will automatically save and store a copy of your file. By automating the data backup process, we can significantly reduce the consequences of human error or equipment failure. Additionally, our software meets compliance with the stringent healthcare industry standards for data storage, so you can take comfort knowing your data is both safe and secure.

Constant uptime. Resilient infrastructure. That’s the power of BDR.

Servers do fail and site-wide disasters do happen, which can bring down critical applications and grind business to a halt.

It’s why every company needs a backup and disaster recovery plan. DataSafe BDR ensures business continuity for mission critical servers and infrastructure, combining image-based software with cloud services to virtualize servers anywhere and provide multiple recovery options.

BDR captures snapshots of a server – including its data, operating system, applications and configurations – and replicates them to the cloud. Recovery is seamless, maintaining up-time and keeping business running full speed ahead.

HIPAA Compliance and Computer Habits DataSafe Backup and Recovery

ComputerHABITS DataSafe Backup and Disaster Recovery can help organizations meet HIPAA compliance requirements, specifically those relating to the Security Rule. ComputerHABITS DataSafe Backup and Recovery is a cloud based archiving and recovery solution that automates the process of securely backing up electronic data and file recovery. Our system was created with healthcare providers in mind, and we’ve worked hard to satisfy the industry’s broad need for a safe, reliable, and cost-effective method of backing up data offsite while still allowing complete file restoration at any time from any authorized location. ComputerHABITS DataSafe solution ensures that all electronic health information is fully protected when backed up and stored. It encrypts all data and stores the information in facilities with military-grade security.

ComputerHABITS DataSafe Backup and Disaster Recovery solution offers the crucial protection you need to ensure the continuity of your business. Don’t leave your business’ most valuable assets vulnerable for another day. Contact ComputerHABITS to see how we can customize a solution to best protect your practice today.